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5 Reasons Why Families Need A Documentary Lifestyle Session Mom Monday Post!

Mar 12, 2017

Mar 12, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if someone secretly photographed you & your family at home one day? Wait, that sounds weird! Haha! I don’t mean in a creepy way! LOL But in a real life kinda way! A “this is us & who we are” kinda way!

Life is one big hustle & bustle 24/7/365! So many parents (mom in particular) aren’t in many day to day photos! You’re the ones usually taking the pics of the kids & them with dad & then the other half of the time you’re taking care of the kids. I want to change that! But not in the manner of a “show up, sit & smile for the camera” session!

I want you to FEEL life in these, YOUR life, and not just see it. It’s a chance for me to peek into your lives from a distance. I love fading into the background & watching life unfold! Sure, I know you’re thinking “isn’t it kinda awkward to just follow us around?” To be honest, the awkwardness lasts maybe all of 5 minutes because people are so used to having to do “something” vs just “being” & then everyone forgets I’m there!

Last month I gave 5 reasons why your home is the perfect location for a session. But today I want to share 5 reasons why families need a documentary lifestyle session! I call these my PERFECT CHAOS sessions! If you’re wondering what the difference is, “at home” sessions are planned out & shorter on time. Documentary lifestyle sessions are longer & 100% unscripted!

  1. You’re preserving memories for your kid(s) to have later in life. How awesome would it be to look back at a whole set of pictures (not just one or two like most of us have) of your childhood & see your old room & all the things you loved in it! To be able to say “I remember that outfit!” or “I remember playing with that toy all the time!” And if you have a mix of ages with a toddler & a new baby, days can all run on end together because you’re so busy! Let’s document those busy days! We’re all curious as to how things were before we could start to have memories!
  2. There’s absolutely NOTHING TO PLAN! It’s real life! It’s raw, authentic photos & unscripted poses. You don’t have to worry about being “on” for the camera & fake smiles from your kids (and your husband LOL). No stress over planning & picking outfits! If I’m there at night & you’re in your pjs, then it is what it is! I might just roll up in my pjs too & get comfy! LOL
  3. You don’t get to “see” all the moments because you’re busy LIVING them. You don’t get to see how you look rocking your baby to sleep, how you & your kid(s) get annoyed at each other doing homework, all the smirks & smiles your kid(s) gives you or how your husband sneaks sweet glances at you even if you haven’t showered or had a long day at work & can’t be bothered!
  4. Life moves at lightning speed & it’s a session where you can freeze moments in time, even if it’s just for a little while! When you blink your newborn baby is starting kindergarten! Or your cute little kindergartner is starting middle school! Freeze the look on their face when you tell them something funny or scold them, the snuggles & love they give you before bed time, the silliness around the dinner table, the eye rolls at homework time or when it’s time to come inside!
  5. You’re giving your kid(s) a gift! Something that can be passed down to the next generation. One of my favorite things is to sit & look at old family photos! It would be such a treasure to find a set of images laying around that documented a day at home with those I loved the most! Those are priceless!

family of 4 sitting at dinner for post that explains why families need a documentary lifestyle session

So why not start an annual family tradition? It’ll be the best shoot your kids ever do because they get to do exactly what they normally do, which is just living their normal, every day life!

For those who book a PERFECT CHAOS documentary lifestyle session for anytime this year between now through April 28th I’ve got a special gift for y’all…how does a complimentary 20 minute short & sweet session for anytime in 2017 sound!? It’s perfect to use for your Christmas pics or anything you don’t need a full session for!

For details & how to book your session email me at amy.stillframesphotography@gmail.com with PERFECT CHAOS as the subject line!
I’d love to hear from you & be a fly on your wall!



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