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Alice In Wonderland Themed Birthday Session NC Kid Photographer!

Feb 21, 2017

Feb 21, 2017

I’ve been blessed with shooting this doll every year for her birthday! Her mom is an amazing artist & so talented! I envy her ability to paint the way she does…whimsical & super fun! You can see some of her work here! She makes the most adorable clay earrings too that make such cute gifts! I’m privileged to own 3 pairs & love them! So I know each year her mom will plan something epic & I get so excited anticipating her shoots! When she messaged me that the theme was going to be Alice in Wonderland I could not wait! It’s safe to say I’m a bit obsessed with this shoot!

I get there & there’s a long table full of all kinds of awesome props! Ashley had teacups, macaroons, rats, teapots, animals…a setting for a wild & crazy tea party! My favorite part was when Lola put on the huge Mad Hatter hat. She looked like she was straight out of Tom Petty’s Don’t Come Around Here No More video! Wait….ok I’m back! I had to watch the video after remembering it! Such a good video! Now my mind is going a 100mph thinking of all the super rad Whimsical Adventure images I could make from this theme! Ummm Ashley you could be Alice & Lola could be the Mad Hatter! :))))))))

But really, never a dull moment with her! She’s so fun! Just look at all her silly faces that were cracking me up!

Real macaroons for Alice! 

These props were amazing & so fitting for this! 

I love that black “I’m Late” teapot! 

little girl at table for an outdoor tea party for her Alice In Wonderland themed birthday session

Aghhhhh! I CAN’T EVEN! To have that much swagger at her age! <3little girl in black & white wearing a huge hat for her Alice in Wonderland themed birthday session

Could this table get any better!? I think not! It was perfect! 

The rat was such an awesome touch! 

little girl outside hold a 4ft tall rose & cheshire cat for her Alice in Wonderland themed birthday session

Pod seed tea anyone? LOL 




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