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Built In The Fire 10 Steps To Rising Up!

Jul 6, 2016

Jul 6, 2016

It’s weird how this post came together. I sat down just now to type up one thing about a shoot for an upcoming post while waiting for the vet to get here for annual shots for my furbabes when something else just took over! But hey, let’s roll with it!

Winter time is usually my time to think & do research for my photography business for the upcoming year. I look online for inspiration for shoots where I can do my own twist on something or something will happen in my personal life that I draw inspiration from. If you think about it, very very few have truly unique one of a kind ideas that no one has ever done. We’ve all drawn inspiration off of something, someone, somewhere. The major key element is to MAKE IT YOUR OWN! The whole point (for me) of being a creative entrepreneur is to be unique, create art, & to be true to yourself.

People get bent out of shape when they come up with something & then another person runs with the idea too. We’ve all been there, myself included depending on my mood for the day! But instead of letting things like that defeat you & bring you down, let it light a fire under you to be the best YOU can possibly be. Because ultimately you’re only in competition with yourself & no one else. The more you focus on what others are doing, the less time you have to love on & serve your current clients who do love YOU for what YOU do. Not because they can go get it somewhere else cheaper. There will always be someone cheaper, it’s life! If people are looking for a bargain then they’re not your ideal client period. Because the likelihood of ever booking them more than once is slim to none.

So when you have an “aghhhhh I need to be doing this cause everyone else is!” moment, check yourself before you wreck yourself! 🙂

  1. WRITE DOWN PERSONAL GOALS for your own business & start working towards those! And when it seems everyone around you is kicking ass, pull those goals out & go over them…daily!
  2. GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA! SCHEDULE your posts! There are days I won’t check anything except my email! Some days I just CAN’T look at another post, another picture where it’s always another “look at me look at me!” post. Then you want to go down the rabbit hole of “my life sucks & my business is crap!” Don’t do it! It’s a trap! 🙂
  3. UNFOLLOW any people & businesses that aren’t influencing positivity into your life! I’ve always said if I didn’t have a business I would not have a Facebook page. The people I truly need to be in contact with have my number & vice versa. I rarely rarely check my personal Facebook unless someone has tagged me in a post or an image. I can’t constantly know what is going on in everyone’s lives all the time or I’d have no life of my own!
  4. You should either be ATTRACTING or REPELLING people to you, because you cannot & will not please everyone. Get out of the mindset that you have to shoot everything that comes your way. The more things you say yes to that you don’t want to do, the more you’ll have to say no to when the really really good things come along. Because you’ll be busy doing the thing you didn’t want to do!
  5. Pick one or two areas of your business you LOVE the most & be the best at it! You cannot “specialize” in EVERYTHING. I’ve seen so many businesses listed as “specializing in newborns, maternity, kids, families, seniors, engagements, bridals, weddings, headshots, corporate events, parties.” Shewwwww…is your head spinning too from reading that?!
  6. EDUCATE yourself! Never stop learning your craft! The time spent wasted on social media (the mindless scrolling of stuff you just looked at 5 minutes ago) you could have read a few business books! If you’re not a reader buy the audio book! Listen to business podcasts! I’m always reading a business book! I’m in the gym listening to business podcasts! I’m in the pool either reading or listening to business podcasts! I try to be productive with my time!
  7. FIND A MENTOR! It can even be a friend! Someone you can bounce ideas with & vent on days you need to vent. We all have them. Find someone who will give you their honest opinion & not just tell you what you want to hear!
  8. NUMBERS MEAN NOTHING! Don’t get wrapped up in the number of FB likes you have or the number of Instagram followers you have. They mean nothing! Numbers don’t equal a paycheck.
  9. When everyone else ZIGS, ZAG the other way! I LIVE by this…every single day! When certain areas of the industry become oversaturated EVERYWHERE & everyone starts to become cookie cutter…I look for the opportunites left behind in the dust! I’m always chasing that phoenix rising out of the ashes!
  10. LOVE YOURSELF, BE UNIQUE! There’s only one YOU. If you continue to be the best version of that people will follow. You’ll build your tribe. I have an AMAZING tribe of followers & clients & they mean the world to me! Know you are good enough! You wouldn’t be in business & have clients if you weren’t! Too many people short change themselves & are their own worst enemy! You can talk yourself out of something faster than anyone can! Give yourself a chance to be something great!


The beautiful flower image I shot above came from Fuggles Flowers!



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