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Camden At Home Birthday Session NC Kid Photographer!

May 23, 2017

May 23, 2017

This session y’all! Oh how I love my “At Home” ones! Jackson HATES with a capital H pictures! So the past few years for his birthday shoots his mom has been asking him what he wants to do for them & that’s what we go do. This year turning the big SEVEN he wanted to chill at home! Which was perfectly fine with me!

So I got to hang out with him by myself before a few family pics & that’s when he had the most fun. I think he secretly does like pics…when they’re just of him, with no one else around & he gets to do what he wants! 🙂 It makes kids feel special! He wanted to shoot some indoor hoops & have me catching him in mid air! Then he wanted to add a mini trampoline to it. Then from there we were jumping on furniture! No worries, I make sure it’s okay beforehand first! 🙂 I won’t just show up at your house & jump all over your couch! Haha!

Sweet little Ellie was so upset that I wasn’t there to take HER pictures! She wanted me to leave Jackson alone & go play in her room with her! LOL The family ones are some of my favorite family ones of them EVER! Ellie’s at that stage where she picks her nose & doesn’t care who sees it. So a booger turns into some secret hair gel! LOL Cause she would pick her nose, then brush her hair back…boogers & all! Or better yet brush her mama’s hair back! LOL LOL I don’t think I had laughed so hard in a long time! These still make me crack up!

Afterwards we headed outside where I took the scariest ride of my life! When you’re raised in the country on a farm as kids you learn to drive dirt bikes, 4 wheelers & anything else that moves & has a key at a very young age! They have a side by side that he drives around & got to drive us over to the deer stand. Well if y’all know what those are, those are not meant for kids & don’t have kid speeds! I did okay until he hit the open field & wanted to go wide open. GET ME OUT…like 5 minutes ago! For real! I was hollering at him to stop so I could get out. So he slammed on the brake & was like “you can get out now!” LOL Gladly sir! But honestly, for just having turned seven he does drive pretty good! We started off with some hoops in the house!

She wanted to take my picture! 🙂

When you see two kids literally flying right for your face you panic for a moment! He kicked me in the face by accident a few years ago swinging & I thought he broke my nose! LOL 


That hair! LOL

He had so much fun doing this!

Even more fun when I told him to jump on everyone! LOL 

Caught in the act! 

Then she wipes her hair back! 

So gross! LOL

She can dig for some gold let me tell ya! 

So…Ashley makes these books every year for the kids & they’re gonna be so special for the kids one day when they get older & realize how much work goes into these. I realllllllllllly hope she’ll continue to do one for each child through their senior year. That would be such an amazing gift! But each book is each year & has pictures of everything…pics I’ve done, pics others have done, cell phone pics…any pics of them & special things! And then she writes and dates what was going on during that particular image. It’s a ton of work for her but it’ll be such a true treasure to them later on! Jackson acts like he hates pics…but he loooooves to look at his books & ask questions! 

No shoot is ever complete without at least one melt down! 😀

While we were in Jackson’s room & he was having his break…I snuck over to Ellie’s room & she was in there with daddy looking through HER books! 😀

#reallife right here! No clue what is going on or why he was smothering Ashley with a pillow! LOL LOL 

Then she wanted to pillow fight! 

And she wanted me to take her picture in her room! 😀 

Only mom would let her kid shoot a can off her head with a Nerf gun! LOL 

Ellie wanted to take pics again! LOL 

Then it was time for birthday cupcakes!! Which I was going to eat one…until Ellie poked her booger fingers in them! I’ll pass! 😀

She was so exited you would’ve thought it was for her birthday! 

Chad just wanted to eat his cupcake in peace! LOL 

No chance! LOL

He was like “really y’all!?” LOL 

Ellie had to have her turn! Hahaha!

Annnnnnnd had to lick it off! LOL LOL

She’s a hot damn mess! Dancing! 

More dancing! 

Annnnnnnd we had to stop for a nose picking break! LOL LOL LOL 

Climbing his tree stand!

Stoked cause he got to drive it by himself a short distance to us! AFTER I made his mom run & get my camera bag out of the back first! Good thing I do have insurance! LOL 

Showing me he’s 7…going on 17! LOL 

Back to the house for an outfit change for one last one & this one! I can’t even! LOL 

She is a HAM! Dance dance dance! LOL 

Oh I wished I looked that cute in my skinny jeans & t-shirts! LOL Her pants were wayyyyy too tight & she was trying to pull them back off! LOL So Ashley scooped her up so she’d leave them alone! 

Gahhhh her faces! LOL

Thanks y’all SO MUCH for one of my favorite shoots!!! 😀



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