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Christmas Crazy The best kind of crazy!

Jan 27, 2016

Jan 27, 2016

It’s Wednesday, middle of the week when everyone including myself needs a pick me up! Hospice was called in for my Grandma (my dad’s mom) yesterday so I’m just praying her journey home is not a long drawn out painful one. I hate it, don’t want to process it, know it’s been coming since last October, & know it’s life. I know who she has waiting for her on the other side when it’s her time & that’s the only thing giving me semi-comfort.

So I need a pick me up because it’s pretty depressing around here lately. And this family never disappoints to do that! Whitney wanted her usual pics done & I had asked was she doing something for Christmas & she said she hadn’t thought of it but if I had something in mind we could. Her boys are crazy & will do anything I ask. Sooooooo we decided to do a fun Christmas shoot, that literally, literally, took me all of 3 minutes to shoot! And no kids were harmed in the making of these pics! Maybe just their feelings for a few minutes! 🙂

They have a baby sister & Whitney got them all these really cool sweaters for pics! So I wanted to do something where baby sister was being the naughty one! So I’m all “let’s hang the boys upside down & act like the baby taped them to the wall!” And Whitney was all “we’ll make it happen!” And they did!

The boys thought it was a fantastic idea & were so stoked to do it! The last shoot they had they kept asking me over & over was it time to do the Christmas shoot! I love that my kids know when they have a shoot with me that they’re going to have fun! Making memories & killing is what we do! They’re boys, they’re daredevils so of course they loved the idea! We ended up hanging one brother upside down while the other brother got off the hook & got to stay upright! I’m not going to divulge any details on how this was done!

And please, if you have any negativity or anything to say about safety keep it to yourself! I don’t do anything with my kids that I wouldn’t do with my own kids if I had any! And think about it, growing up I’m sure we all did way worse stuff WITHOUT parent supervision! And this was all of 3 minutes, not an hour long, supervised!

The end result was awesome! And when we were done the boys ran off to shoot guns…now that’s scary! LOL 😀

The best way for a parent to destress! As you can see one brother was already getting into character!

Sister however did not like her brothers up there & started to cry, which made pictures even better! 

I love her OMG Santa shirt! 

Then her crying made one of her brothers start crying! And that’s a wrap! 😀 

Needless to say their Christmas card this year was one of my all time faves! They’ll have these crazy fun pics to look back on years from now & laugh at too! If you’re not making memories with your family now I urge you all to do so! Life is so very short!




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