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Currituck Spring Family Session NC Family Photographer!

May 16, 2017

May 16, 2017

Y’all have seen this family plenty of times on my Facebook page & blog! They did my BUMPS TO BABES Collection for both girls! So I’ve gotten to watch them both grow up over the years! I am going to be devastated if the day comes that Jamie tells me they have to move! Not only have I shot Jamie’s family for so long but I also shot BOTH of her sisters’ weddings! Her whole family is just fantastic & I love them all!

Usually Jamie’s mom or dad is in town visiting when they have pics but not for this shoot so I felt like part of the family was missing! LOL This was Marilynn’s last session in her BUMPS Collection. So I told Jamie it was time for another baby! Haha! Anthony might not like me too much if he reads that part! 😀 We had a gorgeous spring day for these!

Always the curious one! 😀 

And the daredevil one! She’ll climb on anything! LOL This was before she stood in the rocking chair! 

She’s so pretty!!! <3

That look! Haha! 

Y’all have no idea how many shots it took to get ONE of them all looking! LOL LOL 

LOOOOOOOVE this one! 

And this one! 

This is how most of my shoots usually go! LOL

Love all these….that light & that background! 

Silly girl! She’s a ham! 


She’s getting so tall!!

He’s always held her upside down! LOL 

This dress! Handmade family heirloom! It was so delicate! 

Sigh…her & that stuffed cat! She HAD to have pics with it! 😀 

Yes, all kids scream & cry during their shoots…it’s NORMAL! 😀 

She was crying because she wanted more gummies! 😀 

So we tried putting them in her dress since she wanted the whole bag…yeah that didn’t work out so well! LOL 

My most favorite picture I’ve EVER done of her! 

Thanks y’all for a fun time as always! So glad we have more shoots this year!!! 😀

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