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Dismal Swamp Fall Family Session NC Family Photographer!

Jan 25, 2017

Jan 25, 2017

I’m not typically a morning shoot person but I was more than willing to get up early to meet with this family for their Dismal Swamp fall family session! We had previously done an early morning shoot & the kids were in such good moods! So we were like “hmmmm maybe we should do next shoot early in the morning!” Well they had already been up for a few hours before we met & their energy was wide open! LOL I need to catch them when they first wake up & are still sleepy! Haha! They were ready to be done so they could grab a breakfast biscuit on the way home! 😀

Right as I started shooting mom noticed Farrah had put on a rub on tattoo & was like “when did you do that?!” And y’all…it wasn’t a small one…it was HUGE & covered the whole entire top of her hand! So needless to say we spent time shifting her to the other side whenever it made an appearance! LOL I actually ended up having to remove it on a few of the pics which I don’t usually do. But this thing was just so dang big & stuck out so bad that I couldn’t leave it! LOL LOL She’s my little jokester & funny one so I’m not surprised she did it! 😀

Oh to have half the amount of their energy early in the morning! I could get so much accomplished!

Two of the sweetest kids right there! >3

When he was a baby, he’s been one of my only babies who would come right to me & just sit with me or lay his head on me & let me hold him & was so content! SO SWEET! 

He’s still sweet but now he’s a wild man! LOL 

Ahhhh! Love that brother sister bond! LOL 

For anyone who thinks I always shoot the most perfect family photos…here’s one that shows this is what goes on 95% of the time when I’m shooting! #reallife 😀 If you look closely, you can see a peek of that tattoo! LOL 

Love that mom & dad always want some together too! 

See! He had to have his stick & his bucket of cars! LOL LOL 

Hahaha! They were ready for biscuits! 😀 




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