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Dismal Swamp Fall Mommy & Me Session NC Family Photographer!

Feb 22, 2017

Feb 22, 2017

I had the best session with this little one! Normally she doesn’t smile at me & clings to mama. She was ALL smiles this day considering they had just gotten back early that morning from a wild week at Disney! I told her mom I thought they were crazy for still doing their shoot after getting in that morning! LOL I would’ve been exhausted! But the plus side was the kids slept like normal so they were up & ready to go!

We had an abnormally 70 degree day in November so we took advantage of it since it turned cold again right after! We finally figured out she does best in 30 minute spurts versus a longer session! Once we went past 30 minutes the smile disappeared & her stare at me came right back! She’s still cute though! LOL

I couldn’t have posed this if I had wanted to!

She is very possessive of her mama & doesn’t want sissy giving her kisses! LOL 

Her toothy little grin is so cute! 

She seriously has never looked at me that long! LOL Not while her mama is in sight! 

Can we say CUTENESS! 

She has grown up way too fast! I remember when it was just the two of them for their mommy & me sessions when K-bug was so little! 

She crazy! LOL 

One of my favorites! 

Hiding from me! She was ready for her sweet tea! 

Southern girl loves her Bojangles sweet tea! LOL 

These shots are always my favorite cause one kid loves it & the other usually hates it!

Gahhhhh she is so pretty! 

And she is too stinking cute with those little piggy tails!

As you can tell…our 30 minutes was up for her! LOL 

Those teeth! 

I love this! 




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