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Dixieland Speedway Family Session NC Family Photographer!

Mar 16, 2017

Mar 16, 2017

So it has been a few years since I’ve seen this family! And when Penny contacted me for some updated family pics I learned they had added another baby boy to the family! She tossed around some ideas she in mind for their session & wanted to focus on something that they all loved as a family, which is racing! Their last session we did, we did them at a junkyard, which I LOVED those!

This year, we headed out to our local track, Dixieland Speedway, for their family session! We were able to get the perfect mix of what they love & then some more out in a grassy field! Troy really had an image in mind he wanted to try so in the end we had time to swing by one more spot! He wanted to do one with the lines on the road. Penny tried explaining where this was to me so many times (so that we weren’t actually in the middle of a functioning road to get run over)! We got there & were able to get the last shots before it got completely dark & before the baby melted down on us! Thank y’all for a good time as always!! <3

That look!! He was not feeling me that day! LOL 

There was so much good stuff to work with out there! 

The same look…the whole time! LOL 

His mama kept trying to get him to crack a smile! 

The only time he wanted to smile! Swinging is like magic to kids! 

He was so little the last time I saw him! He’s grown up so fast! 

Oh my goodness! I still remember when she was born & now she’s almost DRIVING! Whatttttt!? So beautiful! 

Oh I see a smirk coming out! LOL 

He looks just like his mama!




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