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Elizabeth City Family of 5 Session NC Family Photographer!

Mar 15, 2017

Mar 15, 2017

Today feels about as cold as it almost was for this session! Ok, so I might be exaggerating that a tad because I hate any cold but it was chilly! This was one of the quickest sessions with this busy family of 5! Y’all might recognize Tracy from her & Erin’s fabulous downtown store, Honey & Hive Boutique! If I didn’t roll around in mud/water/dirt all the time for work & have a bajillion animals I’d buy almost everything they post! Mamas, if you’re ever stumped on what to wear for your session, go visit their store downtown or shop online via their Facebook page!

When they pulled up Tracy was like “we’ll see how this goes!” LOL LOL It went GREAT to have 3 little kids & for the weather to have turned on us! I was glad to reassure her that ALL family sessions are wild & crazy, no matter the age or how many kids there are! That’s what makes them so much fun!

I remember when her & Tony were new parents & it was just the oldest brother & I did his newborn session! Now he’s SEVEN! Two more babes have been added to the mix since & they each have their distinct personalities that complete this family! Middle brother is a complete riot & will keep you laughing! And baby girl is a little spitfire who can handle her own with 2 brothers! 😀 Not to mention I love her sense of style!

There was lots of singing & dancing…from mama & daddy…to get smiles! Anyone riding by probably thought we were crazy! Haha! Heck, the kids thought I was crazy & were like “are we done now?!” LOL Thank y’all for such a fun time! 😀

LOVE! One of my family favorites!

Is she not the cutest! And that outfit! <3

I can’t believe he’s so grown now! Aghhh! 

And this one…so much swagger & mischief! I love it! 


I leave the crazy photos because I always want my families to cherish the wild, perfectly imperfect times! Because kids just grow up way too fast! I’m telling y’all…this is how 98% of my family shoots go! The other 2% I get are of everyone actually looking! LOL 

Yes moms…the struggle is real! When all you want is for your kids to just smile! LOL LOL 

And this!! Hahahaha! 

Dad had it easy because Mom sang & danced to keep them entertained! 

So it was only fair to make Dad do that so Mom could get her one good pic with the kids too! LOL 

All girlfriend wants to do is dance! 

It’s like “Weekend at Bernies”…the music is in her & she just moves! LOL

Dance dance dance! 

She crazy! LOL 




Silly boy! 

Daddy’s girl! 

I love seeing parents with their babies that made them parents! So much joy! 

Who doesn’t love a good swing! When you have 3, you can best believe allllll 3 want a turn, multiple times! LOL 

I love this! This sums up parent life so good! A “this is us” moment! 

Hahaha! Kids have a love/hate with this pose! Half love laying down the other half hate it! 😀 I love it! LOL 


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  1. Susy Stein says:

    Amazing. Love every one of them.

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