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Elizabeth City Lifestyle Session Haddie is 9 Months!

Jun 28, 2016

Jun 28, 2016

This lil one has already turned ONE! I still can’t believe it! I think she had one of the fastest years! It didn’t help that it rained on literally almost every date we had planned this past winter for pics. And then if it didn’t rain, she was sick! So I didn’t get to catch up with her until she was 9 months old!

I honestly used to dread…like dreaaaaadddddddd…indoor lifestyle sessions! They just weren’t my thing. I don’t know if a part of me was just lazy & didn’t want to deal with wonky lighting inside or just took the easy way out cause I’m not worried about any outdoor lighting conditions. Regardless the reason, I avoided them all together. But that changed a few years ago when winter weather just was not ideal for a little one to be outdoors all bundled up. Really, who wants to be bundled down in heavy winter coats & boots for pics if there’s not snow on the ground…not many! So I started to shoot more & more sessions inside! And didn’t hate them! LOL They QUICKLY became some of my favorite sessions to shoot! I’m a believer if something doesn’t scare the crap out of you then you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. I never ever want to be too comfortable as an artist because then I’m not growing.

I was talking to her mom about her session & because it was March with crazy weather, I really wanted to do it in their home, in her room, just playing around & having fun! And FUN we did have! She got some afternoon lunch in, some snuggles, fun playing with her toys, and then the best part…playing with her sissy in her sissy’s bedroom! I’m hoping to blog her one year session soon as she had the cutest theme!

Do you think she was excited to see me? 😀 This was literally the first image I shot when I got there!

That was some good mac & cheese! 

Sigh….”you’re still here!” Haha! 

She got some mommy milk so she got a bit happier to see me! 


Playtime with sissy! 

She loves her elephant! 

Daddy was home & snuck into a few! 😀

Girl has got some shoes! I love a shoe girl! She’s got some UGGS & some Michael Kors in that pile! 

So many choices! 

Some sugar for daddy! 

I love it when kids jump on the bed! Haha! They feel like they’re breaking the rules & it’s so much fun! 

Although Haddie couldn’t crawl away fast enough! 

I bout peed myself when I took this one! K was so scared she was about to land on her sister! And Haddie just decided to roll with it & fly too! LOL LOL 

Do not hold her down! She is Miss Independent! 

As always thank you soooooooo soooooooo much Tabitha!! I always have so much fun with y’all!!!!


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