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Family Birthday Cake Smash NC Kid Photographer!

Mar 1, 2017

Mar 1, 2017

Yay! It’s officially March so that’s one month closer to the summer! And we got those March winds today! I could just bypass spring all together & be just fine! I crave the summer sunshine alllllll day long!

I’ve shot a lot of cake smashes over the years but this one y’all need to stick around and see! It’s a good one! I feel out of all my babies last year, it took this one longer to reach her one year birthday than some of my others! I feel like I blinked and some of my other babies were one! LOL She is a cutie, a snuggler & a mama’s girl! Her cake smash went a whole lot differently than her sisters did a few years ago! Big sissy SCREAMED AND CRIED the entire time for her cake smash! She was terrified of it! I’m glad this one went differently! Although she wasn’t all that happy until that point! She was making me work for it! But she also wasn’t feeling 100% either. I’ve loved watching these 2 girls grow!

Do y’all know how hard it is to get a one year old to hold a sign the right way?! LOL 

Typical sister shot! One loves it, the other hates it! 😀 

This girl here…gahhhh…she is the sweetest, happiest thing! I love her! 

Gahhhh! Those doe eyes & lashes!

By this point she was getting sleepy & was done! 

But not before she tried feeding her mama some cake! LOL 

And getting it on sissy’s face!

Who thought it was absolutely hilarious! 

She wanted cake, she got cake! LOL LOL 

Sweet baby was DONE!

Sissy wasn’t done though! She wanted more cake! 

In an attempt to re-energize her sister back up…she smashed some in her face! 

Then decided to have some fun with her mama!

LOVE this one!

So Lilly wanted her mama to take a bite! 

So she could smash it in her mama’s face! You’ve got to be the best mom to help you kids smash a cake in your face! LOL 

Payback’s the best though! LOL LOL 

Lilly was determined to get her back again! Haha!

So while all this was going on…daddy had gone down the street real quick so we were hoping he’d come back so Lilly could surprise him! 

She kept trying to get him to squat down so she could tell him something! Which we all know what that was going to be! LOL 

I will be the first to say that Will was the best sport about this! We all knew he’d freak having cake thrown in face, not wanting to get dirty! 

The look on Lilly’s face & her pure joy getting to do this with her parents & sister (who as y’all can see wanted to be passed out & wanted no part of this family shenanigan!) is what family is all about! 

Of course he wasn’t going to let her get away with it! LOL LOL This more than made up for her one year shoot that she hated as a baby! LOL LOL 




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