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Fire Department Birthday Session NC Kid Photographer!

Mar 14, 2017

Mar 14, 2017

This lil guy was on the blog the other week when I posted his little brothers 3 month session! He’s the one who thought we were all RIDICULOUS that day! Haha! This session was for his THREE year pics! I still can’t believe I just typed that!

Let’s just say he didn’t think any of us were ridiculous for this shoot! He got to go visit one of his favorite things…the fire department! We rolled up to the Elizabeth City Fire Department early that morning & they were more than welcome to show us around! This was one of Avery’s best sessions because it was something he loved! He spent the morning hanging out with some pretty rad firemen talking their ears off! Literally, he talked the entire time! And he let them know all about his next adventure that he was about to embark on…going to see Donald Duck! LOL They left for a Disney World adventure that day! So hard turning 3! :d

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Elizabeth City Fire Department for their hospitality that morning & for the warm shop! We had been having 70+ degree weather for WEEKS and the morning of his session it was 25 with insane winds! He never would’ve lasted 5 minutes outside!

Sleepy morning eyes! LOL 

He was happy when they turned the lights on…although my eyes were not! Those suckers are bright shooting right into them! LOL 

Of course when I ask for a smile my typical Avery comes out! 

No session of his is ever complete unless he’s sticking his tongue out at me for his “smiles!” He’s been doing that since he was a baby! 

He was actually super stoked to have his family sit for a picture with him! Guess we need to do your next family session at the fire station Kaitlyn! Haha! 

In heaven when the gear & tools came out! 

This is his other “Avery, smile for me!” face! Closed eyes on purpose! He started that one last year! LOL LOL LOL

Boys & their toys! 

This gear was heavy & he was determined he could hold it! 

Although this one got him! No way he was getting that thing off the ground! I think this one is what they use to cut folks out of cars. I have a much greater appreciation for what fire service people do after seeing how heavy all the tools & gear are! Not only do you have to be mentally strong to do this job, you have to be physically strong too!  

Excited to get his “badge!” 

Telling everyone “thank you!’ 😀 There’s one of my other dads in the background! Hi Robbie! I’ll see him & his family a few times later this year!!! 😀




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