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Goose Creek State Park Family Session NC Family Photographer!

Feb 8, 2017

Feb 8, 2017

I had some pretty amazing fall shoots last year! This one came about due to some unforeseen circumstances so I was happy to get together with them for their Goose Creek State Park family session! I’m sure y’all will recognize Maci before anyone else! LOL LOL LOL

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the spot Phyllis picked! I know she agonized over what everyone should wear & where they should do them! But everything all fell into place perfectly! For 95% of this family to never had pictures done in years they were naturals! I just kept telling Phyllis when I delivered her gallery just how HAPPY everyone was to be there & how it showed in every single picture!

I would love to go back to the park sometime this summer with Bo! You can camp there & it’s very secluded! Bonus that it sits on the sound & you can boat & fish out there too! The park is huge!

Hands down, my favorite part anytime I’m in Bath shooting…fresh seafood dinner cooked at their house afterwards! Then me & Crystal always ride back stuffed & uncomfortable the whole way home because we ate one too many shrimp! But it’s so worth it! I could eat seafood 7 days a week! Yummmmmm!

I mean seriously, this was like the first picture I took! I knew then it was going to be a good session!

goose creek state park family session on beach by river

Love this one! family of five sitting on log on beach for their Goose Creek State Park family session

And this one! 

This was my other favorite! Crystal’s dad requested it with all his girls! 


These couldn’t be more perfect! 

Another favorite! 

Haha! Her & that Rapunzel hair! 

LOVE all these that follow! They’ve never done any sessions like this & they nailed it! 

This tree was awesome & sits out over the water! 

couple standing on beach for their goose creek state park family session

I’ve loved getting to know them over the past few years! 

The views here are insane! Turn on way & it’s water & turn the other & you have this! 

family of five standing in woods for their goose creek state park family session




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