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I’m Still Here! What I've been up to lately!

May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016

I know! I suck! When the blog gets quiet you know summer is right around the corner! It’s the time when I get up, workout, edit, shoot, eat, sleep…repeat…all week long with little time for anything else! I’ve got sooooooo many cute shoots to share!

Here’s a catchup to what I’ve been up to lately besides shooting!

  • First things first…was having major, all the feels on some Justin Bieber…till he went & cut off all of his hair a few weeks ago! UGH! You’re killing me Justin! Anyone else with me?!
  • Bo has been CIGARETTE FREE FOR ONE YEAR! We celebrated with dinner at Toyamas where he loves sushi. Y’all this is a huge deal! I’ve known him since I was like 12, I think even before then & he has always smoked! Always! Since he was like 14! I have begged him for years to stop as it was the one thing I could not stand but he never tried. Then last year when he had to have work done on his mouth he didn’t have a choice but to quit cold turkey. And he stuck with it ever since! He is so disgusted by cigarettes now & can’t fathom why he never tried to quit sooner! So so proud of him & now we can make out all the time! ;D
  • We celebrated my birthday, Bo’s birthday, his mom’s birthday, his sister’s birthday & Sooiee’s birthday…all of us born within the first 9 days of May! Annnnnnd I had not one but TWO of my BUMPS TO BABES babies born on my birthday! Then there was Mother’s Day & my dad’s birthday this past weekend! I’m broke now!
  • My book collection has grown expanantionally! Like I need to stop! Lately I’ve been picking up books out of my usual norm & so far so good! The thrift store is my friend for my book collection! But when I start picking up duplicates then I know I need to chill for a bit! Plus I’m running out of shelf space!
  • Speaking of books…Bo got me the Nook Glow Light for my birthday! So if anyone has any good book suggestions or authors please send some my way! My goal this year was to spend less time on social media & get back to reading more! I already had an older version of the Nook but I love love love the Glow Light! I’ve already had it outside to read in the bright sun & it was fine! It’s small enough to tote around with me so when I get the urge to pick up my phone to scroll mindlessly through social media I go for the Nook instead!
  • We added a few more fur babies to the farm! We now own a turkey & a few more baby chicks! I grew up with turkeys & my dad has always had some. Someone had given him a male & female that they couldn’t keep anymore who were supposed to be super sweet. And they are…just not to each other! So I took the male & the female is sooooooo much happier he’s gone! Bo renamed him TomCat & he follows us around like a dog!
  • I’m still hitting the gym as usual…it’s my morning therapy before my crazy day gets going! But when my summer schedule gets crazy I can’t always get to the gym in the mornings like I usually do. So I signed up for the 30 day trial of Beach Body on Demand to stream workouts at home for days when I don’t make it to the gym! And for days when I want to get a second workout in! I started Insanity again (I did it once 3 years ago)…and yep…still felt like I was gonna die or puke halfway through a workout! That program is no joke & my heart is pretty cardiovasulcar fit since I first did it & I was still struggling! I had a few choice words for Shaun T besides “okay!” enthusiastically when he’s screaming LET’SSSSSSS GOOOOOOOOO!
  • I started fixing my Celica back up! It’s been 3 years since I last drove it! Oy! But I’ve been putting some serious miles on my Jeep so on days I know I don’t have to drive down a field path or anywhere in some mud it’ll stay home parked & I can take my lil Hot Wheel car out! I’m trying to decide on paint & some rims at the moment! Man I forgot how expensive that stuff is! I’ve always been a car lover & things like lowering springs, body kits & rims were my love back in the day! Now I spend all my money on vet bills & animal food!
  • My pool is ready for summer! Most of y’all know I live in it once it gets warm! And that it also has a tendency to get swampy green! LOL Well Bo worked hard on it for me getting it drained & all cleaned out! There were like thousands of these tiny nasty lil red worms living in there! We both didn’t want to end up on an episode of Monsters Inside Me! I am definitely going to go buy me a pool cover for the winter NOW instead of waiting till the end of the season & getting lazy & never doing it!
  • Me & Bo have been planning our camping trip! We’re going with some good friends of ours so I know we are going to have so much fun sitting on a beach & doing NOTHING! Ahhhhh!!! Cannot wait! My Nook & bathing suit are all I need!

Well I’m off to try some Hip Hop Abs while Bo’s at work & not home to watch & make fun of me! Cause this girl cannot dance! In the meantime check out this lil cutie who came all the way from Texas to see me! 😀

Happy Monday!



  1. YAY!!!!! You’re ALIVE!!! Maybe if I attended our “workout sessions” I would know that…..but seriously way to go BO!!!! What an awesome achievement!!! Super excited that the Celica is making a comeback! Can I drive it….and you sing too Fast to Furious??? LOL I think I’m still digging JB….he broke it down on the Billboard Awards tho!!!

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