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Indiana Jones Themed Session NC Kid Photographer!

Feb 9, 2017

Feb 9, 2017

As my kids get older & older I know their shoots will start to get more simpler over time. So I’m soaking it all up while some of my little ones are still into themed stuff, like this Indiana Jones themed shoot! Corbin has had some of the best, craziest shoots & this past years’ birthday shoot was no different! This one was one of my favorites!

When his mom told me it was going to be Indiana Jones themed I knew it was going to be way more than him just dressed up in a costume. That would NEVER happen with LeAnn! I envy her talent in being able to have a vision & then pull it all together with props, outfits, location…everything, as if she just had the stuff laying around the house!

Even I didn’t know about some of the surprises she had up her sleeve for this shoot! All of this took place in their backyard! I only wish I had done my homework before hand & had watched the movie so I had a better idea of what Corbin was about to do next! He for real was acting out movie scenes & he hadn’t even turned FIVE yet! And he was pissed if we asked him to go back & do a scene over again because “that’s not what they do in the movie!” So we had to tell him it’s like when he hits rewind to watch something over again! LOL He took his acting job very seriously that day!

So the big surprise was Neil made the giant boulder from the movie! It looked just like a huge rock! They had the perfect hill in the woods for him to push the “rock” down & have Corbin run from it! Then we brought it out of the woods & into the yard for some more fun! I think we adults had more fun than Corbin did at times watching him outrun this ball coming at him! LOL And for those concerned about safety, it was not an actual boulder or anything that would hurt him…it was made out of a clear knockerball that his dad then painted & like paper mached that thing up!

Man I used to love cap guns when I was little! They were so fun & I loved how the smoke smelled! LOL He had one for these! His outfit reminded of something a little old man would wear!

Dead serious about his acting skills! 

boy in wood re-enacting for his indiana jones themed shoot

His face! LOL 

Is this not awesome?! boy in woods re-enacting stealing the treasure for his indiana jones themed shoot

I could not love what I do anymore than this moment! I get to have the most FUN ever! Not to mention I don’t know how many times I about peed myself from laughing! boy in woods running away from rolling boulder re-enacting scene for his indiana jones themed shoot

I still crack up seeing his movie face in these! He worked hard showing it to us! It supposed to be surprised if you couldn’t tell! LOL 

Somebody sign this kid up for acting please! 

Now’s when the real fun started! Open yard, no trees to worry about running into or tripping on roots! 

It took a whoooooole lot of convincing but we finally got him to run  & fall down so the ball could roll over him! LOL LOL LOL

So naturally we did it over & over for the laughs! Kids are so oblivious to our shenanigans! 

So this is what Neil had to do…push the ball hard & run to the woods! LOL 

Of course he wanted to do it to dad! 

Climbing the tree to secure a swinging rope! LOL 

So we had him swinging over a snake pit below! He had a box of a ton of different rubber snakes! Good thing snakes, fake or alive don’t scare me! LOL 




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