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June Poolside Reads! Book Review

Jul 5, 2016

Jul 5, 2016

June was another busy month of reading for me! I have read so many great business books & just random books I’ve continued to pick up at the thrift stores!

Here’s another 3 of my recent poolside reads!

Velva Jean Learns to Drive: Jennifer Niven
I picked it up because of the cover & title! But it was a tad slow in the beginning for me but halfway through picked up! I didn’t realize at first that it takes place in the NC mountains in the 1930s! Overall it was good!
Short story: It chronicals Velva Jean’s life from when she was around 10 to age 18–19! Life was hard in the mountains & especially when they were building the new highway…which I’m assuming was the Blue Ridge Parkway! She falls in love with a moonshiner’s boy who ends up being a preacher years later. Bored being stuck at home as a housewife at 15 years old with dreams of wanting to sing at the Opry…she starts learning all about how to drive, which was looked down upon back then. Women just didn’t drive. Overall, a tale about a girl who falls in love young, marries, but has her own hopes & dreams to follow!

Barefoot: Elin Hilderbrand
I picked this one up because it was a beach story! I love reading stories that take place in the summer time on the beach the same time we’re actually in summer! I really liked this one alot & it was a super fast easy read! One I didn’t put down for a whole entire day outside one Sunday!
Short story: It follows the lives of 3 different women (2 whom are sisters) who all come together to live at the family’s beach house on Nantucket for the summer. Each are trying to escape their own problems at home. One sister was a college professor banned from teaching from having an affair with a student, the other sister who has 2 kids is there to receive chemo treatments after finding out she has lung cancer, and the third is a friend of the sick sister who finds out she’s pregnant after many failed years of trying & IVF only to find out her husband has been having an affair. If that doesn’t get your attention I don’t know what will!

Night Road: Kristin Hannah
I tend to go for interesting covers & this one was no different! At first I thought I had bought a teenage high school romance book but it ended up being so.much.more. than that! Sometimes books can be predictable & take you through the motions. This book takes you through the emotions! It’ll give you all the feels! Another one I started one evening & literally read all the next day!
Short story: New girl moves to town, becomes best friends with well to do girl who has a twin brother. Follows them very briefly through first couple of years through high school before focusing Part I of the book on their senior year. Tragedy occurs & lives are never the same which Part II of the book covers. So many things I didn’t see coming! You could FEEL what the characters were going through. I love a good author who can make his/her readers do that!

I’m always on the hunt for good authors & stories so if you’ve read anything good this summer you just couldn’t put down please leave me a comment!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Crystal

    July 5th, 2016 at 8:09 pm

    It Takes One, by Kate Kessler. Had me hooked, stayed up way too late reading that one, finished it in 2 days, couldn’t put it down!

  2. amy

    July 6th, 2016 at 11:23 am

    Oooh! I think I saw this one on another list online for a good read! I’ll have to check it out! 😀

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