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May Poolside Reads! Book Review & BookBub!

May 31, 2016

May 31, 2016

Summer is right around the corner. That means the days are longer so I’m able to get up earlier to start my day. And even though I still have a lot of work to do I always take time during the middle of the day for a pool/reading break. It relaxes me & my brain for when I have to shoot so late in the day. So I read a ton of books in the summer!

I’m always scouring the internet for book reviews & looking for popular reading lists. Well I’ve found that a lot of reading lists aren’t all what they’re cracked up to be! So now I just look throught Instagram hashtags to see what people are reading & talking about & search for it on Barnes & Noble & then make my own decison.

Since I rarely read a book twice (unless it’s Harry Potter or something like that) I can’t justify paying $12–15ish dollars for a book I’ll devour in 4–6 hours. So the dollar stores, thrift stores, Ollie’s are where I make my weekly rounds to search for books at affordable prices! Plus I read the majority of my summer books in the pool so I would cry if I dropped a new $16 book in the water! A $2 book not so much! And I have dropped a book in the water before!

Now that I have a new updated Nook (the Glowlight Plus which I loooooooooooove) I’m always online looking for bargain books! If you have an e-reader & don’t know about BookBub you are missing out! Sign up, put in genres of what you like to read & they’ll email you daily deals from places like B&N, Amazon, etc.! And by deals I mean books that are free or like from $.99-$2.99! But if you see something you like you better download it then cause the deals don’t last forever! I missed out on a few when I put them in my cart for later & came back the next day & the prices had jumped back up to $10-$14! Lesson learned!

I recently picked up a few new books & finished them this past week & thought I would do a review of what I’ve been reading for other bookworms like myself!

Here we go! Total investment for these 3…$4!

  1. PERFECT FAMILY by Pam Lewis. So.so.so.good! I was hooked from page 30 on & did not want to put it down! I ended up staying up late a couple of nights just to keep reading! Short story: A sister has a secret to tell her brother & then is found dead at the family’s lake house where 2 other sisters & their dad try to figure out what happened. They wondered if she was murdreed because she left her baby in the playpen by the shore & neighbor heard him crying & no sign of her. A mystery guy pops up in the picture & shit gets crazy. I love how each chapter is told either by the brother or one of the sisters but flows flawlessly!
  2. STAY WITH ME by Alison Graylin. This one was just “meh” for me. Not horrible but not so great where I couldn’t put it down. Easy read. Kinda predictable half way through…at least for me it was. Short story: Brenna’s older sister went missing at 17. Brenna’s a private investigator & the trauma after her dads death when she was a child left her with some kind of freaky memory issue now where she can remember exact details from everything…every conversation down to the exact date, time, what people were wearing, etc. She’s divorced & obsessed with finding her sister who’s been gone for like 30 years after her clothes from when she disappeared showed up on her doorstep in a bag. She has a teenage daughter who disappears after a sleep over who was kidnapped by a crazy lady who’s own child went missing & Brenna wouldn’t take her case. Basically there were lots of family secrets that all come to light. I was kinda annoyed to find out this was the third book in a series. Although it doesn’t read like that cause I didn’t know till I flipped to the very end & saw the first two titles.
  3. THE DIVE FROM CLAUSEN’S PIER by Ann Packer. SO GOOD! I really liked this one although I wasn’t thrilled with the ending…at all! Ugh! Short story: High school sweethearts, made it through college still together, engaged to be married. Guy is crazy over her, she’s become bored with relationship. Go to the lake like they do every Memorial Day weekend, he dives off pier & snaps his neck & becomes a quadrapelgic & is in a coma for 3 weeks. Wakes up & only wants her. She takes off for NYC on a whim to live to figure things out, falls in love annnnnnd I won’t give away anything else! It really was a good book!

I’m always looking for new, interesting reads so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment section below! Be sure to follow me on Instagram too where I’ll be posting any of my new reads as I go! Or you can always search the hashtag #algreads to see what I’m reading!




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