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Newbold White House Fall Family Session NC Family Photographer!

Feb 2, 2017

Feb 2, 2017

This 3 month old cutie is a spittin’ image female version of her brother! I love that her mom does the comparison pics on FB from when big brother was the same age! A few years ago 3 month sessions used to be one of my least favorite ones to shoot. They’re in that in between stage of not a newborn anymore but not yet able to do much on their own but lay there & look cute!

So with my BUMPS TO BABES Collections, 3 month sessions are some of my favorite ones since I do them all as either family/lifestyle or as a mommy & me type shoot! Everyone always asks what’s my favorite age for photographing babies & it’s always hands down 6 months! That’s when they really start to come into their own & can sit up & are paying attention to what you’re doing! She’ll be 6 months old later this month & I’m super stoked for her next session cause mom has some fun ideas planned!

We had a gorgeous November day for these! As we were walking to our next spot, which happened to be quite a ways away from the car & I started shooting…Her face turned bright red & she was grunting up a storm. Ummmmm then proceeded to have a blow out! There was no continuing on after that! Dad had to walk her back to the car to get her changed! Happy as a clam after that, I guess who wouldn’t be if they had that churning around in their belly! LOL

We finished up just before the sun sank too low & the chilly breeze picked up! I know her brother was glad because he was over it! 🙂

He’s so silly! 

Miss Serious! 

Maybe it was all the air bouncing that worked out that diaper load! LOL But this grassy field & that gorgeous afternoon fall light…I could shoot in it every day! <3

The beginning of working it out! Haha! 

And her she blows! LOL 

After a diaper change! They look so much alike!

Love love this one! 

Brother acting all crazy before his energy crashed on us! 

I don’t know any kid that doesn’t love swinging like this! Any! 

So he didn’t want to be a part of the family pics anymore so he put himself in his own time out spot! LOL

After coaxing him back over, nope, he was fine not being in pics! LOL

We got a tickle in & then he was off again! 

That cute little smile! 

Mama sneaking in some kisses on a grumpy tired little boy! I love pics like this! <3




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