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Newport News Noland Trail Family Session VA Family Photographer!

Feb 7, 2017

Feb 7, 2017

Ahhhhh! It’s another gorgeous day out today! I had an early morning shoot already & am now taking advantage of the 70 degree weather again & working from outside on the deck! I seriously need a legit outdoor office! I’ve been photographing this family for years now & was bummed when they told me they were moving to VA. They built a gorgeous new home & would be closer to all the things they needed to be. So I was stoked when they had me come out for their Newport News Noland Trail annual family session!

Shannon picks the best places for her pics. And I love it cause she’ll text & say “I need a date & I know exactly where we’re doing them!” And I never know what she’ll come up with! I’ve been excited to explore 2 different parts of VA with them in the past 2 years! Places I never would’ve found myself! So when she texts about me heading to VA I don’t mind at all! I never thought I’d be heading to Newport News though! I’ve been there a few times, once to mainly grab the train to NYC. I heard about it all the time though because my Grandma grew up around there & we had family in Newport News!

I think one of the perks about living in VA would be the convenience of things & all of the different scenery. Shannon works out alot & gets outdoors & does trail runs. That’s how she came across the Noland Trail! We were able to make it just in time to finish up by the James River at sunset! It was gorgeous! I wish it wasn’t so far from home so I could walk the trails!

The fall colors were amazing!

Newport News Noland Trail family session

I’ve been shooting him since he was like 1 or 2 & now look at him all grown up! 🙁 

And this one…can we talk about how crazy artistic he is? I wish I had half his talent at that age! 

My favorite spot! This tree was gorgeous to stand under! 

family of four standing under a tree with the fall leaves on the Noland Trail in Newport News, VA

And this spot! I’m sure people walking by were like “what the he!! are they doing?” since we were off the beaten path! LOL 

mom sitting with two young sons on a log in the woods off the Noland Trail in Newport News, VA

That light in there was amazing! 

Shannon & her boys always do big bug eye fishy mouth kisses! It’s so cute! 

We were weak watching D pose! LOL 

Dad & his silly boys! 

dad and his two young sons sitting on a log in woods off of the Noland Trail in Newport News, VA


Can we talk about that light coming off the river! It actually started to get a tad chilly by this point since it was November. Shannon was frozen in place for these last few! She was so cold! LOL family of four by the James River off the Noland Trail in Newport News, VA

Worth it for this! 

And these! 

And this crazy one! LOL 

I’ve loved doing this pose with them each year! It’s one of my favorites for boys! 

two brothers posing side by side with golden light coming off the James River in Newport News, VA

Shannon had a few choice words for me when I was like “so sit down for a few!” “Ummmm as in on the ground?” LOL That sand was COLD!

We caught some of that final sunset light! You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that come out just to watch the sun set! It was crazy! I think that’s pretty awesome though that we can all stop for a minute in our busy lives & appreciate a good sun set for the evening! <3




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