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ShootLAB Editing Workshop A fun workshop to take the stress out of editing!

Apr 15, 2016

Apr 15, 2016

In all my mentoring sessions & conversations with other photographers starting out editing seems to be the number one hang up! I meet so many great photographers starting out that can shoot really good images but don’t have the best editing skills. I find that most spend wayyyyyyyyy too much time at the computer editing a session. There are so many actions, filters & videos that I think people just get too overwhelmed thinking they have to do it all. But then they get burnt out & discouraged editing because of the time it’s taking them. Or because they can’t get their images to look the same as others. Often they give clients 3-4 copies of the same image just edited 3-4 different ways with different actions & filters! If you give a client 50 images edited 4 different ways each that’s 200 images of almost all the same images! That’s so overwhelming for a client to look at!

People are shocked to find out that it really doesn’t have to take that long to work on images. I typically have a 24-48 hour turnaround on my portrait shoots, sometimes a couple days longer depending on what I have going on that week. Am I editing for hours in that 24-48 hour turnaround, NO! When it takes people 4-6+ weeks to get a session back to a client I have a hard time wrapping my mind around that. They either don’t have a good editing system in place, aren’t making the best use of their time, or have themselves completely so overbooked to the point that they can’t keep up. If a person is doing EXTENSIVE hand editing & composites then yes a 4-6+ week turnaround time would be expected.

Everyone always wants to know…so what’s the secret? There is NO SECRET! It 100% starts with a good, clean image in camera! You have to know how to see light & use it to your advantage when shooting so that your SOOC (straight out of camera)images need very little editing! If you don’t know how to shoot properly then you’re not going to get the best image SOOC & in turn will spend hours editing attempting to “fix” any problems. When in reality you should have very little to “fix.” Photoshop is not a tool to be used to “fix” images that need to be trashed. So many photographers & clients are under the impression “oh well you can just Photoshop that right?” NOOOOOOO! 🙂 I don’t want to spend my time sitting at a computer “fixing” images for days! That’s no fun & that’s not growing my business! That’s me being a slave to my work & having no life!

So I’ve put together a ShootLAB Editing workshop for those wanting to learn how to minimize their editing time & be able to give clients good, clean images! I’ve got so many things planned to go over! I edit strictly in Adobe Bridge with a sprinkle of Photoshop & DO NOT USE LIGHTROOM! GASP! I know right! 🙂

If you shoot in RAW & are struggling getting your editing time down or struggling to find your signature look I want to help YOU! This is not a workshop for those who shoot in JPEG. So stop beating your head into your keyboard crying, stop watching a 101 different tutorials & try to cram everything you’ve learned into editing one image, stop staying up till 3am editing! I break everything down to teach in a simplified way! I don’t like things overcomplicated!

And because I’m not afraid to show my work SOOC, I’ve put together some images SOOC & their finalized edited version!
Email me or use the REACH OUT button to your left for all the details & to grab your seat! The date is April 24 from 9a-noon! Hope to see you!



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