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Woodsy Fall Family Session NC Family Photographer!

Mar 7, 2017

Mar 7, 2017

Y’all have seen this family on the blog before! I love that I get to see them every year for their annual family pics! This session was supposed to have been an end of summer session. But a small hurricane had other plans! And when mama works in insurance let’s just say she was a tad busy for quite a few weeks!

So our planned end of summer session turned into a late woodsy fall family session! I’m glad though because I love the light in these so much & the location we used would’ve been loaded with ticks & snakes in the summer! 😀

This was hands down my most favorite family session they’ve done! All fun, silliness & laughs the entire time! My kinda session!

So sweet when he wants to be! 

Ughhhh she’s grown up too fast! 🙁

But she’s still wild & silly! 😀

When a family has been with you for so many years & they know what to do, ahhhhh…makes for one amazing session! 

I had wayyyyyyyy too many favorites from this shoot! Way too many! 

It was “cling daddy day” for this! She was like a monkey completely attached! Sweetness! I hope she remembers these moments when she’s 16 & he’s forbidding her to date yet! LOL LOL 

THIS! Hahahahhaa! So this is like how 90% of my sessions go! All silliness with the sweet ones caught in between! LOL 

And 90% of the time mom & dad have zero clue what faces their kids are doing! They’re always hoping & praying that I got at least one they can hang on the wall! LOL 


Here’s a prime example! Four shots in a row of crazy! LOL

100% depicts how crazy this session was! SO MUCH FUN!!!! 

😀 FACES! My favorite time! 



Girlfriend can make me some faces! LOL She’ll hate me later when she’s a teenager catching her in all her glory! LOL 

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one of her though because it has taken her YEARS to actually look right at me in the camera! 😀


They’ll love these so much when they’re older! 😀

No fall session is complete without the promise of some leaf throwing fun! They love it even more when I dare them to try & hit me! LOL 




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